Mandy Wood

Luxury Companion | Pleasure Activist


 To begin, my consideration is NOT negotiable. If you cannot afford to see me, based on my listed donations, please move on. I do not offer "grandfathered" donations but can accommodate a small discount to long time friends. I do not offer half hour visits. Please leave consideration in large bills tucked in your favorite book or in plain view upon meeting and do not ruin the mood by mentioning it. 


I thoroughly enjoy getting started the minute you walk in the door, but please tear yourself away for a few moments to wash your hands. If you're going to be touching me (anywhere) you need to wash up and perhaps use the mouthwash provided. I will always have toiletries and fresh towels available for you if you are unable to freshen up before our visit. Freshly showered skin is amazing and will make both of us feel more comfortable.

First contact

I greatly appreciate a gentlemanly approach when contacting me for the first time. Introducing yourself, stating where you saw my ad, and adding whether you have references or not in your initial message will instantly put you in my good graces. I do conduct screening of new friends so please plan ahead and allow enough time for this process. Though I have a bold style, Iā€™m a lady. Any lewd or graphic conversation over phone or email will lead to swift (and permanent) termination of our communication.

I do not offer video or photography services.

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